unexpected kindnesses

Many generous unexpected interactions happen everywhere & it's lovely to hear about them. My friend Matilda who lives on the Oregon Coast was walking across a vacant parking lot on a very rainy & wet day last week. Her hair was dripping,her jacket soaked from the rain & she must have looked disheveled. She looked up & saw a man walking towards her who had the appearance of being homeless. Matilda noted she clutched her purse tighter & as they passed each other their eyes met. They each continued heading in the opposite direction. She heard him call out to her so Matilda turned around to see what he wanted. He shouted to her," I don't know if you are aware but there is a free meal at the Presbyterian church tonight at 7 pm ".

thanks for having such an open heart & sharing your good fortune
Mr ...thanks for having such an open heart & sharing your good fortune. This applause is                                                                     for you!