Trying out the new soap cutter.

How can you live without one? here are the gigantic beautifully cut soaps

Excitement was running high.There were two batches of cold process soaps ready to be cut.The new soap cutter was ceremoniously set up for the first cutting. I knew it was going to create perfect bars.I had recalculated the recipe knowing I would get 11 bars 1'' in width.  Ta - dah!  It sliced through the soap log leaving magnificent clean sharp edges,but something didn't look right,The soap pieces were the size of a block of cheese. I had poured the soap mixture up to the top edge of the mold as I had forgotten to recalculate the new height. We were very impressed but knew carpal tunnel syndrome may result in using bars this size. The consensus was to cut each bar again vertically,a little irregular but they look and smell absolutely wonderful.

003 (2)                                                       the new vertical look


"Beltane" with a vertical cut.

This morning I was greeted with these newly opened roses in the garden.I couldn't resist this photo as last year's dried roses are on top of these n.m.boyd soaps.The soap size dilemma has been solved. I have marked on the mold where to pour the mixture up to. Tomorrow I will excitedly get out that soap cutter and slice a batch that is ready for cutting.I am imagining the perfect size with those straight,sharp corners. If that doesn't happen I know there will always be a good backup plan. Do you have to use backup plans often or are you one of those folks where everything turns out as planned? Until then thanks for visiting & stay in touch,Lizzie