The sum of my Middle-Earth days.


A taste of New Zealand.

I'm back after a wonderful visit to the "land of milk & honey & kiwifruit." I had such a lovely time among family & friends.It was so refreshing to see all those entrepreneurial kiwis,lovely cafes,flourishing gardens with the Autumn hues and gorgeous beaches.

an autumn view on our morning walk, Takapuna Beach


the beach we always went to when we were growing up

Welcome to Middle-Earth!

There was lots of catching up,walks,visits,laughs and delicious foods. 

 more good company...

 A lovely friend Gwendolyne loaned us her extra car. 

here is "our" car.

  Allan, my brother from Australia also came to stay at Granny Ninja's house.. We visited Gwendolyne for a her lovely “retreat”. She lives 2 1/2 hours out from Auckland so it is a lovely drive of hills,trees,sheep and cafes with delicious meat pies.

Gwendolyn's home at the water's edge

She has just become engaged. Selecting the ring has kept her eyes sparkling! The best part is that we all like her fiance Elliott. 

Gwendolyn dancing in her kitchen


and then there's the New Zealand animals!

Bridget feeds penguin in Christchurch

It's been a week since I've been back. I'm rested,inspired & acclimated back to life in California. Dax did an amazing job of keeping the small vegetable garden alive,despite the ongoing deck construction,the sprinklers being disconnected,& temperatures of 105F (40.5C).


                                       The first harvest of the season.

We savored the freshness as the memory of the taste will need to last us until next season when the garden should be back to "normal". Go well,and be gentle with yourself, Good night, Lizzie