The soaping chronicles continue

  Perfect colors

lemoney time

A beautiful smelling,surprise package arrived last week.I could smell the gorgeous aromas seeping through the unopened box,. Patricia had generously sent some of her exquisite soy candles with such subtle uplifting scents & stunning containers.  I had just made a batch of the cold press soap called zest-i-ness .The color of organic dried bluebottle flowers on top of the soap is a perfect match for one of her gorgeous candle holders.

Our neighbors enjoying some shade                                   

our neighbors enjoying some shade

The summer drought & heat is very evident. Today I saw workmen pulling up the grass around trees in a shopping center. Many people's lawns are being eliminated for the present & many of our gardens are brown. I was speaking to Granny Ninja yesterday & she said in New Zealand it was excessively cold & it was thought another Ice Age was on its way! I hope it stops by here!

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