the soap room

The n.m.boyd soap makers have been busy 

the "olive branch   "

Yes! there is a hive of industry as the alchemy of oils and butters,herbs & smells are mixed to make beautiful cold press soaps. Yesterday we worked on a new recipe & it seems to have successfully gone through the initial steps hardening with lots of optimistic coaxing. So far so good.

"the olive branch"

It's a wonderful mixture of olive,coconut,rice bran & avocado oils added with shea & cocoa butters. Ground olive leaves gently color the top layer of this cold process soap,sprinkled with olive leaves on top. An invigorating smell of mingled eucalyptus,spearmint,peppermint & litsea cubeba waft around it. Tomorrow we will cut it into bars & it will cure for 6 weeks.

"da da"

da da cold press soap is nearly ready to use. So what does da da mean? One possible explanation of da da is that it was an art movement around the time of World War I which was born when artists & poets rejected the horrors of war.The "da da"movement possibly laid the foundations to surrealism.

"da da" cold process soap

and talking of art...

What do you think of this artistic expression? This is a fence of bras in the South Island, New Zealand near Lake Wanaka.

a fence of bras & numerous stories

In January 2014 we passed by this mecca. Genevieve & Bridget looked along the fence to see if there were ones their size & if they were in better shape than the ones they were wearing! Each decided they would keep their own...ME TOO!!

Wishing you much goodness, Love Lizzie