"the amen of nature is always a flower"

Oliver Wendell Holme's quote above captivates the awe as the garden has come alive  radiating color & beauty in this early summer.The bees are loving the lavender,the calendula dresses up in vivid oranges & yellows while the chamomile has sprouted up in the most unlikely places.. They are gorgeous.

I have picked the first harvest of herbs & they are now hanging in the kitchen. I will use them in the cold process soaps when dried

lavender,rosemary,calendula,rosemary,mint & chamomile drying

and then there are the roses.....I picked the first of the season. I hesitated as I pulled the petals off & placed them on the papers to dry out. When the petals are completely pressed I will add them to the cold press soap "a rose by any name".

rose & chamomile petals getting ready for drying out. Last years dried rose petals top right

There is an anonymous saying that states "gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomoatoes"... ...we just need to get those tomatoes before the deer feast on them.

Happy trails, Lizzie