making soaps

 It has been a wonderful day.The Soap Sanctuary is now back in a serendipitous mood of making cold process soaps as n.m.boyd soaps are back in production. It's been over a month since the smell of oils,butters,herbs and scents have wafted throughout! Today was fun to plan the new soap recipes & then to make them. There's always an idea of how you imagine the soaps will turn out & then one nervously surrenders the process to chemistry & alchemy.The initial response after pouring the soap into molds may bring euphoric elation, frustration or curiosity...It can take up to 6 weeks to know if the soap is a beautiful batch (I don't use palm oil so it is a longer hardening time)  I can hardly wait to see what happens in a couple of days when "carrotation" comes out of the fridge.

carrotation...goats milk,honey,organic carrots,orange essential oil

I've been waiting to try out a lime essential oil in a cold process soap recipe.Today was the day. I made a batch called "the lime in the coconut". It smells so fresh & summery.


the lime in the coconut..shea & cocoa butter,olive,avocado, coconut oil,rice bran oil & with a sprinkling  of prosperity!


I have great soap making plans for tomorrow! Wishing you a good night & hoping you're being kind & gentle to yourself,  Lizzie Fitzpatrick