Soap Tales

soap barsSoaps without the opera!Alchemy is the word to describe what happens when oils,lye and water are mixed together and magically soap is made. Sitting on my perch I must claim a surreal alchemical process has settled over me .It worked! The Etsy shop for n.m.boyd soaps is now open.handmade soaps etsy

It's real! n.m. boyd soaps are sitting proudly on the virtual shelves of the BoydSoapSanctuary. A couple of weeks of learning what SEO keywords are,how to stock a virtual store and connect to pinterest,facebook,instagram and the blog. Quite an adventure for someone who learned to write with a fountain pen and ink. The handmade cold process soaps are curing and life is good.cold process soaps n m boyd soaps bar soaps Yes! we are open for business and welcome.cropped takapuna cakes "Everybody needs beauty as well as bread" [or cakes ] said Ralph Waldo Emerson So once again we have arrived at a new beginning. Thanks for visiting,grab some bread or cake and stay in touch Lizzie