Soap affairs

Enjoying New Zealand soaps.

In between all the lovely expeditions I was curious to see what soaps New Zealanders were using to pamper their lovely parts. I was very impressed with the ingredients & botanical s that they use. I purchased a couple and I will admit that were almost as good as the n.m.boyd soaps!


gorgeous white soaps


a variation of soaps & shapes

I purchased a beautiful lemongrass soap made by Blue Earth Soaps located in the foothills of the Southern Alps.The first ingredient listed was rainwater. It must be very pure Middle-Earth rain!  The bar was a lovely & moisturizing. Although rain water sounds like a very energizing addition I think I'll need to stay with using distilled water.


Look what we discovered in Oamaru.



This shop was closed when we stopped by in January, however we saw a gorgeous collection of soaps when we peeked in the window.






Until later,stay in touch & I'd love to hear from you soon,



no soaps here, but the "Little Grocer" deserves an honorable mention.