she's on her way!

Genevieve is coming to visit tomorrow. She's been staying with her sister Bridget in Portland & they've been having a great time..

Hobbits Genevieve & Bridget down at Middle Earth a couple of months ago


Genevieve flys standby so there is always lots of texting & flexiblity before we pick her up Today I arrived home from work & was greeted with lots of "stuff" as Vincent decided to "excavate" his room. Oh my! It's hard to imagine a room could have housed so much "junk" . Our lovely magician/builder Jesse is laying the paving stones outside. It's starting to look great. In another month "The Soap Sanctuary" will have balconies & this phase of the construction completed. Hooray!

The weather is so lovely and mild. By the end of the week however we will be into the 90's so these days are real treats.

Capri enjoying the warmth

Go well & stay in touch,   Lizzie