Plagiarizing nature

Cold process soap colorants Outside our kitchen window is a palette of color. I love to watch the changing hues as the light and seasons come & go. At present the trees are drenched in shades of green. The changing colors inspire us as we try to mimic green in n.m.boyd cold process soaps.

004 (3)


At The Soap Sanctuary we have been adding nature's dyes to some batches of our soaps

003 (2)


It has been fun trying the colorants & experimenting with the shades.



When using nature's dyes there is no way to stop the color fading. At n.m.boyd soaps we enjoy using these colors anyway as it is a reminder that no matter how beautiful anything is,it will changes and it is an invitation to use our luxurious,handcrafted natural soaps within a year of getting them. Indulge yourself in nature's seasons instead of putting the soaps away in a forgotten cupboard.

Spring colored the backyard a gorgeous green

within a month all the color has faded

Not only do we have occasional soap disasters to keep us teachable & humble,but we also have the garden to observe & inspire us while making our soaps. Lastly we have a "soap box" to use when something more just has to be shared.

soap box

This is my little corner where I get to spout a view even                                                         louder than on the blog. This time it is to share Jean Baitallion's quote.

  " Really we create nothing                                                                                                      We merely plagiarize nature ."      


                     That says it all,thanks for visiting and stay in touch,  Lizzie