n.m.boyd soaps are ready

Yummy for the skin and senses apothecary garden


This cold process soap is called "Apothecary Garden." It has organic carrots added along with lemongrass,fennel & rosemary essential oils to make a refreshingly balanced scent.This soap makes an uplifting twist by bringing the smells of the herbal garden to the shower or bath.



In another week our soap  "green fuse" should be ready to use. It is the first time I have used chlorella and I love the beautiful green color it made. One has to enjoy it now because like the green in leaves it will eventually fade.



The lavender & chamomile infusions are now ready to be be added to the soaps planned for this week. The n.m.boyd soap kitchen is alive with tantalizing smells,luxurious oils,natural colorants and plans for new recipes. Dax is working in a town north of here for 2 days so I'm going to spend my time at the motel packaging & labeling soaps. I have them all packed so it will be fun. Do you make herbal infusions & if so what plants do you like to use & what do you use them for? Thanks for visiting and stopping by,Lizzie