great & mighty works are underway!

It's been a varied & adventurous month since I last blogged. As "The Soap Sanctuary" is undergoing another face-lift, I drove to Portland to visit Bridget. The drive was 9 1/2 hours. It wasn't practical to fly as Bridget asked me to bring a "larger" treasure.. I had such a lovely time,great company & the weather was beautiful with no rain. Unfortunately the days  flew by too quickly.


and then I arrived back to watch a great transformation..


 When we moved here 13 years ago the decks were rotting, so walking on them required some navigation.

Glamping on the upstairs balcony. We expected one night to crashed to the bottom floor due to the weathered wood. Glamping on the bottom deck wasn't an option because of rattlesnacks.


the deck outside the 2nd floor bedroom has been removed.

We had just planted the raised beds with summer vegetables, but because of the deck extension they had to be relocated. Last weekend Dax & I emptied the plants & soil from them and found a new spot for 3 of them. 

Dax replanting one of the raised beds with some hopefully delicious tomato plants

Tomorrow we have 8 wine barrels to move. That means all the soil,vegetables & herbs need to be emptied. With all this extra work I hope we get an exceptional crop of vegetables this year. Maybe the deer's GPS wont be able to track the new location! So lots to do. I am hoping you're enjoying  peace & prosperity,  Lizzie Fitzpatrick