going about my business

appreciating being at home

Today we went for a brisk early morning walk before the hot northern California sun got too high in the sky. 

"bees at work"




There were others up much earlier than us enjoying their work. How wonderful the City of Chico protects them.




the cat

Our Pearl, the cat who adopted us isn't feeling too well. Vincent noticed there was no fur on either side of her face along with some cuts .Pearl is fearless so we thought maybe one of the coyotes that roams here had grabbed her in it's mouth & she had fought it off. The vet had a different version & said she was experiencing an allergic reaction to something & was so itchy that she had scratched off her coat. Poor thing, however she is looking better after steroids & antibiotics.


A few days ago I had a lovely couple of hours staying with Madame Butterfly's 6 month old grandson Jake. He's gorgeous & it is easy to work out what he wants!He doesn't like missing out on anything so naps are very brief.

peeking through the fence

It was such a gorgeous day. I thought I'd get him to sleep in the stroller,so we walked around & around his nana's beautiful backyard

a lovely place to enjoy the garden



. All that fresh air & rocking couldn't keep him from enjoying a 20 minute nap,no matter how hard he tried to stay awake!



Unsung heroes.

Grandparents raising grandchildren

 A phenomenal round of applause to you Madame Butterfly and to all the other grandmothers,grandfathers,aunts,uncles & foster parents who are helping to raise their grandchildren. 

 dance & applause to you & a deep bow.

 It is such a momentous,courageous & hard career. A deep bow to you all as we acknowledge that you've given up your own plans,time & put your dreams on hold to provide a better life for your grand kids

With much admiration & until later, Lizzie .