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Learning curves for starting an online business I just stumbled upon what SEO keywords are and the importance of using them effectively online. So I made lists of the soap keywords after enthusiastically devouring google to understand the SEO language & keywords.  I wrote the last blog incorporating many soap keywords in all the places suggested,thinking I had cracked the keyword code  I guess I was too over zealous as the feedback called  my attempt "stuffing." I had overused the keywords so the computer read it as spam & therefore did what we all do with spam.................tossed it out.  It's all good and just a lovely reminder not to take oneself too seriously.Life is too short & too hot at the moment.

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"sunrise, sunset"

The"sunrise sunset" soap has yellow coloring made with annatto seeds infused in olive oil .Pieces of dried organic parsley were added to complement the summer herb garden smells of rosemary,spearmint and peppermint.

"Gypsy hearth" has swirls made with activated charcoal & Brazilian yellow clay.It has a lingering musky black amber scent balanced with lavender.

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 I love the soap making process & I have been inspired & taught by all the soap making ideas,information and creativity that is out there. I must mention here the gratitude to all the big-hearted soap souls who so generously share all their knowledge,techniques and recipes

The Soap Queen continuously shares her soap wisdom in such an informative and practical manner. All her perky videos,blogs,and recipes are given in such an attractive and helpful manner,and somewhere in all her posts or tutorials you will find the answer you need.. The other inspiring "soap soul" is The Nerdy Farm Wife It is such a delight to visit her blog and I enjoy looking at all the wonderful creams,tinctures,soaps and balms she makes using her own herbs or flowers. The soap photos are so beautiful, I feel as if I have stepped into a magnificent flower garden/sanctuary when I see them. She is so generous in sharing her lovely recipes while answering the myriad of questions that are posted on her blog. If this is "nerdy" then the world needs to embrace nerdiness as her blog is such a beautiful place to "visit."

Amanda Herring featured in Where Women Create, Winter 2015, shared a "TIP". It is such a gem I wanted to share it.


                   so thanks to all the cheer leaders and way showers along the way.

There is not much more one can say after that


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