another thanksgiving day

It is another day to be grateful mostly because we have a house!!!!!!!!!  Last night I was orchestrating a new soap recipe. The n.m.boyd soap team were doing a great job, all the oils were weighed & heated while the lye was cooling down. Finally a decision for the essential oils was made after much vacillation.The clays for coloring were mixed with water. As it was all going so perfectly I decided to fit in some "catching up with friends time on the phone."  Such lovely conversations were underway but my olfactory nerve was not registering to the "pall" of smoke that had swept upstairs. At some point during the lovely interactions I thought I smelled smoke but in "the moment' of the dialogue the reality didn't register". Possibly another 10 minutes passed as the animated dialogue continued. At this stage the smokey cloud that continued up the stairs  was like a blanket......................something was on fire! I screamed down the stairs into a kitchen filled with smoke & some very toxic substances that were mushrooming in a dense wall.Oh

this is a heavy load!
this is a heavy load!

no!! I had left the heat on on under a big pot of oils (those gorgeous shea &cocoa butters were seared).They were close to combustion.I had left the thermometer in the oils & it had exploded in the intense heat. I'm sure I arrived with seconds to spare. Now Dax was also upstairs & decided the great "plume" that had descended upstairs to his "office" was because I was "cooking".....hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  he did not sense the "danger" that this over zealous soap maker had made...... So it's a day of gratitude knowing a different scenario might have played out.  So whatever cosmic dice lined up in perfect timing to alert me to avert a dreadful & inconvenient catastrophe I am very grateful.. I left everything in a mess last night. I decided I would wait until all the oils cooled down & would clean up in the morning.  So today is here, full of opportunity & promise with a clean slate to start bigger & better. Today I created two new batches of cold pressed soaps which took most of the afternoon & evening.They are now in the cooling down process in a kitchen that is now cleaned & sparkling.

riding in the park. Dax took this gorgeous photo with his phone

Today we rode our bikes to the park. Dax took this gorgeous photo with his phone

Chloe works at Dax's office & sends home delicious persimmons.  I'm the only one who likes them so it is one thing I don't have to share! Bon apettit!! I have been enjoying  quite a feast.

who painted the persimmon orange?
who painted the persimmons such a beautiful orange?

chico mojo                  n.m.boyd has some soaps curing for you.   chico mojo above

we went to the Louvre a few years ago &Vincent loved the "WInged Victory" he bought a replica
Vincent loved the "WInged Victory" when we visited the Louvre, so he bought a replica.

I really love the poem Genevieve penned after viewing the "Winged Victory".She called it "Parisian Irony".She wrote it for her college class.

the winged victory watches from her

high perch of perfection and isolation,

gazing at the millions gazing back at her.

France was not her birth place, it is her resting place

at least for now.She has years ahead,

years to stare down at the massive marble stairs

she will never walk down..........................

.a body wrapped in the soft stone cloth,

a faceless beauty,

Aphrodite in spirit,

Venus in title,

Both women so famous,

so revered,

so admired and loved

spend their nights alone.