An impromptu trip

On the road again.566

                                           looking up at the redwoods

Last Monday the motel was booked as Dax was to work out of town for two days. We drove north & I dropped him off at the job.He called within an hour saying he had mixed up his schedule therefore he didn't have to work the next day. It was quickly decided we would embark on a spontaneous excursion as we were two hours closer to the redwoods & the Northern California Coast .All we needed to do was to make sure the cats would be taken care of,& pick up a sweater.We enjoyed three days of hiking trails,sea air and being among the redwoods.Ironically back at the Soap Sanctuary our latest cold process soap is called Bridget. In mythology Bridget is the goddess of spring & watches over the fertility of the land.I'm not sure about mythology but it seems fitting to present this soap after such a refreshing and impromptu adventure in the great outdoors.



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I found this older "hobbit" between two redwood trunks.

redwood forest planter box


Thanks for visiting.and May the Forest be with You, Lizzie