Enjoying Boyd Soaps and Designs.

When our handmade soaps are ordered they are wrapped in fabric bags. We have just finished sewing a variety of bags so it was time to change the color of the buttons. The magnificent nasturtium colors inspired the change. I love the nasturtium's brilliant display in the garden so naturally they were the energetic color the soap bags needed.

It has been the perfect time to brighten up all the designs.

Artisans understanding copyright.                        

At Boyd Soaps & Designs we our respectful of the laws and doing things by the book. It came as a surprise a month ago when we were informed that a pillow design was violating the copyright law. It took some research to find out what this meant as the poet's name was printed under the quote.  It was a common quote printed on all types of merchandise.  Copyright law is very specific. Quotes written before 1923 are public domain and can be freely used. After that date, if the quote is on an item for commercial purposes and permission is not given, it is a violation.

We feel most grateful to have found out the easy way.  Just thought you might like to know.


 At Cushion - ologie we are changing pillow cover designs due to the copyright issue. Our research is turning up all kinds of wonderful sayings and ideas. The tree on the pillow cover is complements of the graphics fairy.  It is a magnificent print to enliven any room.

That's it for now folks.  Thanks for visiting and stay in touch, Lizzie.

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"Nature in her green, tranquil woods, heals and soothes all afflictions."   - John Muir