Gathering at Boyd Soaps & Designs.

Life is good. I have just finished a delivery of n.m.boyd soaps.

We are having lights and a new ceiling added to the kitchen.  Our contractor taped thin particle boards over the kitchen floor to protect it.   Looking at all the stains from oils & butters that have spilled during soap making made Dax realize it might be a good idea to keep them down all the time.  Is anyone else as messy as me?

Despite the constant splotches on the floor it is fun mixing ordinary oils and butters together, adding plant colors and fragrances and letting alchemy work its magic to make soap bars. Once it a while when there is an unexpected mess it doesn't seem too magical.. but the adventure continues.


"If soap wont wash it away, try gratitude."

- unknown 

079.jpg elevated and reelevated.jpg

Your kindness made a difference.

This dance is for  Boyd Jackson . I bought a soap beveler from his etsy shop in February but I have been unable to find replacement blades for it.  I contacted Boyd asking where I could buy the blades.  He helped me out by putting two blades in the mail and said he had included the packet so I could hunt them down. Boyd, take a bow because you have earned it with your generosity and excellent customer service.

That's it for now folks.  Thanks for visiting.  Stay in touch, Lizzie