Coloring soaps with wheat grass.

Jean Baitallilon accurately quoted that "Really we create nothing.We merely plagiarize nature."  It feels so comfortable to be a copy cater & try to replicate nature's colors,especially now in spring when all is so fresh, vibrant & alive . We love to color our soaps green,and we tried to find the perfect lasting green. We have added spirulina,green clay,wheat grass,ground parsley,chlorella powder,olive leaf powder& moringa powder. It is exciting to watch the shades of green when the batch is first poured & then the color at curing 4-6 weeks later. Sometimes we think we have outsmarted nature & mastered the'trick 'for keeping the color stable.....but like all green in nature it slowly fades & the color becomes yellow. Seeing all the green outside fired us to try once again to captivate it our soap. We scanned the soap making books & googled how to keep the green green.  "The Soap Queen" explained the technique in an informative tutorial, on putting soaps through the gel phase. We had the solution..At the perfect time wheat grass was added for coloring. We poured at higher temperatures & wrapped the batch in a blanket as directed for this process. Tah dah! What a  stunning green, however we will enjoy it for now,  as we know in nature & life that "all things shall pass."

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