Mum's shed

 Last month I visited Mum.  She was confined to a hospital bed with a broken leg & ankle.

I stayed in her home with my brother Allan who lives in Oz.  One afternoon I poked around in her shed which is full of gardening tools, soil, lawnmowers, paint cans & things long forgotten.

I discovered a box of essential oils in her shed, which had been there for a few seasons.  When I visited her at the hospital I asked if I could have them, as she now has macular degeneration so is beyond using them.  There were no witnesses, but she said yes!

I returned to California excited to use her essential oils in a soap batch...and I did.

DSCN7833 edited.jpg

 Mum's 1 box of magnolia essential oil was used to scent the soap batch.  Magnolia costs $72.00 (5ml 1/6oz) & 2 boxes were required.  Lime essential oil was suggested to compliment magnolia so that was added. The soap batch is called "Irene's garden" as she always loved being in her garden.  Last week I returned to Auckland with the curing soaps & asked Mum what she thought of the smell.  She replied she liked it but not a favourite... So "Irene's garden" is a one time batch unless she would like to purchase some more boxes of magnolia essential oil!

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